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Introducing: Instant Install from Rock Fall, You might have some old display units or space, let’s “fill it for free”

11 Nov 2020

We've had to to react to some big market shifts recently. So, in order to support a new and existing customer base, bringing all the…

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BeGreen Cleaning: One of many steps to being the most sustainable safety footwear brand

10 Nov 2020

As part of our commitment to COVID-19 Controls and to continue our journey in becoming the most sustainable safety footwear brand in the world, we've…

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Boot Camp: Metatarsal Impact Protection

28 Oct 2020

In an industrial setting the metatarsal bones are at high risk as the front of the foot sticks out beyond the body line, increasing the…

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Ultimate Merchant Safety Boot Range with Endless Merchandising Options

28 Oct 2020

Ask us about Freestanding Displays and End of Rack Units, Slatwall, Toolboards and Bay Takeovers, Benches and Mats, Footscanning Machines, Accessories and More!

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How do I look after my safety boots?

22 Jun 2020

You may have found this page because you're looking for ways to help your safety footwear keep your feet safer, for longer! If so, you've…

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Boot Camp: Womens Fit

22 Jun 2020

Our Rock Fall womens range is now more than 10 years old and alongside having shoes, boots and slip on office styles also includes a…

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RF660 Chromite and RF670 Graphite are Key Styles in the Uniform Service and Key Worker range

06 May 2020

These styles work alongside Graphene, Jet and Melanite to form an industry leading uniform service range.

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RF009 Mercury New Extra Wide Fit ESD Trainer Now in Stock

23 Apr 2020

It’s designed for anyone working in indoor or dry environments, main industries including car manufacturing, logistics, airports, lightweight manufacturing and aerospace applications.

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Rock Fall partnership with BOA® enables development of 5 new styles for heavy industrial sectors

10 Mar 2020

Rock Fall are the only Safety Footwear brand in the UK to have the BOA® licence which enables them to develop styles using the world-famous…

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Rock Fall launch new Neoprene Wellington with advanced durability and visibility features for road and rail workers.

24 Feb 2020

The company has redeveloped one of their best-selling styles due to a quite harrowing statistic. Road workers being struck by a moving vehicle is one…

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Footwear that Works at Work: Fashionable and Functional

11 Feb 2020

Recognising the challenges faced on development sites Rock Fall have developed a range of incredibly high specification styles that operatives on site want to wear,…

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Rock Fall Safety Boots expand range to improve offering to Emergency Services Sector

10 Feb 2020

The range now sits with 5 styles with Rock Fall starting to develop a range of highly specialist and innovative styles for the environments that…

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Rock Fall Safety Boots certified to -40°C prepares UK after Icelandic triple storm weather warning expected with up to 80mph gales, torrential rain and hill snow

07 Jan 2020

We must stress that specifying the correct footwear for the wearers environmental conditions can make a huge difference to their comfort, health and wellbeing.

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Let’s take a look at our Activ-Step® 3Feet Footbeds

07 Oct 2019

MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) are often caused by a change in a person’s posture or body. Thinking about the foot, if a person has a high…

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PM4010 Boston New Lightweight Safety Trainer Now in Stock

17 Jun 2019

Developed for domestic contractors, automotive, engineering and logistics the Boston safety trainer is ideal for anyone looking for a lightweight, comfortable and stylish safety trainer.

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Don’t let Footwear weigh you down

31 May 2019

We get the feel from the industry, our customers and theirs, that safety footwear is getting “cooler” and “trendier”. Our opinion on this is that…

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Rock Fall stride into their next sector with development of conductive footwear

21 Aug 2018

Recognising a giant gap in the market for class leading, lightweight and comfortable conductive footwear Rock Fall have worked with the nuclear, defence and explosives…

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Rock Fall celebrate developing footwear for women in industry

31 Jul 2018

The Rock Fall womens range has been thrust into the public eye given the recent government led initiatives to attract women into the construction and…

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Rock Fall take a leap to develop the first Electrical Safety Trainers available in Europe

09 Jul 2018

Recognising the strong growth and focus on clean energy and sustainability around the world Rock Fall have developed the first Electrical Safety Trainers available in…

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