07 Jan2020

Did you know Rock Fall Safety Boots manufacture styles with a huge variety of temperature resistance from as low as -40°C and as high as 1400°C! Which could really help with forecasters warning a barrage of Icelandic storms could unleash a week of 80mph gales, torrential rain and hill snow on the UK.

The effects of foot problems caused by unsupported, swollen, cold or wet feet are dramatic. It’s widely publicised that 80% of people will suffer foot problems in their adult lives.

Some problems caused by cold or wet feet are circulation issues, frost nip (a mild form of frostbite which causes prickly pain and blanching or redness), immersion (trench) foot and pernio (chilblains).

All of which are always unpleasant and if untreated can cause serious health issues.

Safety footwear can be manufactured to meet standards that can prevent these health problems the most appropriate after a waterproof membrane (WR) is the one for cold insulation (CI).

We think that the CI test is quite interesting. The CI test method involves the whole boot being placed in a cold chamber and a temperature probe measuring the temperature reduction inside the boot. This simulation measures the warmth retained within the boot in cold conditions. The standard test is set at -17°C (with a 2°C tolerance) and the temperature decrease inside must be less than 10°C. This test can be modified as low as -40°C with the same reduction parameters. This marking means that the footwear is certified to keep wearers feet warm in cold conditions and is an ideal standard to specify in the colder months.

We must stress that specifying the correct footwear for the wearers environmental conditions can make a huge difference to their comfort, health and wellbeing.

Rock Fall work with 3M to manufacture the RF001 Alaska and RF040 Manitoba using their Thinsulate™ Ultra B600 material, which is one of the best insulating, warmest and most breathable materials available in the world. This material enables them to achieve thermal insulation in temperatures as low as -40°C.

The styles are widely specified in industry and used by the major UK supermarkets in their cold storage warehouses.

However, one of the best things about them is they are available to almost everyone with the size range running from a UK size 3 all the way up to UK size 14.

Find out more about the Rock Fall range at rockfall.com

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