Rock Fall has positioned itself at the forefront of the safety footwear industry through world first innovations that provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern industry.

It is no longer enough to just do business, we need to do business in the right way.

We talk about sustainability as leaving a footprint we can be proud of.

We measure our sustainability practices in 3 key areas which are, Product Design, Commercial Operations and Corporate Social Responsibility.

By 2022 Rock Fall want to be known as “the Sustainable Safety Footwear Brand”

Our latest published Sustainability Report is available in online book form and downloadable as PDF below, a summary is available further down the page.

Product Design

We have a team of QA and compliance managers as well as specialist designers and material technologists that work with world leading component manufacturers to source and develop the most innovative and long-lasting safety footwear.

Key partners include LWG accredited tanneries, Ortholite®, Sympatex®, FORCE10® and Boa®. Find out more about these objectives on our Why Not: Environmental page

Commercial Operations

We measure our commercial success by our profitability.

Focusing on minimising our bank gearing and supporting our customers with the breadth of range to help them grow their business.

This focused, long term approach has delivered outstanding growth exceeding 20% every year since 2009.

One of many things we’ve done in improving packaging and promotion is removing all paper stuffing from inside our footwear saving in excess of 18 tonnes per year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Team are encouraged to develop with the business. We tell our employees that the role is what they make of it and we are open to creating new positions for the right people, which we have demonstrated several times over the years.

As a result, we’ve also supported the construction of a temporary wall on Speakers Green at Westminster to highlight the need for skilled apprenticeships which received crossparty support. Find out more about these objectives on our Why Not: Equal Opportunities page