20 Mar2020

The second-generation family owned Safety Boot manufacturer has a reputation for being the go-to supplier for Safety Equipment Distributors looking for a single source solution for footwear. The company which operates from one secure site based on Wimsey Way in Alfreton has a range of over 85 styles designed for various industries ranging from sizes as small as a size 2 all the way to a size 16. They sell their range via distributors all over the world.

Their industry, like most has been rocked by the outbreak of COVID-19. To give certainty to their supply chain Rock Fall recently issued a response plan confirming their intention to closely follow the advice of UK Government and The World Health Organisation. Sent to all their Authorised Distribution Partners (ADPs) it detailed that Rock Fall are doing all they can to ensure continuity of supply as well as a reminder that we have all got to adjust to the new precautions quickly.

They committed to their customers to continue to “operate as normal” for as long as they possibly can and reassured their ADPs that while they are taking the outbreak incredibly seriously, they are also doing everything they can to minimise the economic impact on their customers businesses.

Rock Fall has invested heavily in recent years in IT and communication infrastructure which means they are well placed to continue working with minimal disruption. The plan includes a full “working from home” policy and the infrastructure is in place to enable this securely within 2 hours.

The Rock Fall senior management team have reassured ALL employees that there are no planned redundancies and work continues for new footwear developments, the extension of their buildings and continual stock orders are being placed.

The Rock Fall senior management team noted:

Given the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we would like to reassure our Authorised Distribution Partners (ADPs) that Rock Fall are doing all we can to ensure continuity of supply. We are in unprecedented times and in response, we have contingency plans in place for a variety of outcomes.

Released to UK and International news outlets in general business, industry commentary and associated digital media on 20th March 2020.

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