First in Europe Electrical Hazard Footwear

Designed for Industry, By the Industry

RF140 Volta RF160 Ohm Electrical Hazard Styles

Rock Fall Defend Best Innovation in Footwear

Electrical Hazard Range

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Industry Defining Safety Footwear.

A multi-award winning second generation family owned business, Rock Fall has positioned itself at the forefront of the safety footwear industry through world first innovations that provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern businesses. The organisation is proud of its British heritage and our country’s position as a world leader in Health and Safety. Retaining our status as an independent SME allows us to be agile, making swift but sustainable and carefully considered decisions.

In recent years, the company has rationalised and diversified its product offering to provide our customers with the collection they need to grow their business. Supplying exclusively via Authorised Distribution Partners, Rock Fall pro-actively work with major end-users and industry associations to improve Workplace Safety.