16 Jun2018

Electrical Hazard footwear is classified with an “EH” rating. This safety standard is designed to provide a secondary source of protection when accidentally coming in contact with live electrical circuits to reduce the potential of electric shock.

It is very important to understand that Electrical Hazard is an entirely different specification and standard to Anti-Static and ESD.

Electrical Hazard boots are designed to impede the flow of electricity through the shoe and to the ground, reducing the likelihood of electrocution, in accordance with ASTM F2413-11.

The outer surface of the sole and heel shouldn’t be penetrated by any electrically conductive component, like nails in the heel.

EH shock resistant footwear must be capable of withstanding the application of 18,000 volts at 60 Hz for 1 minute with no current flow or leakage in excess of 1.0 milliampere.

Electrical Hazard boots are not meant to be the main source of protection in an electrical hazard environment. EH boots are designed to be used as a secondary source of protection.

The new Rock Fall Electrical Hazard Range is certified to the American Electrical Hazard Standard. ASTM F2413-11.

It’s important to note that in addition to this, the styles are also certified to EN ISO 20345:2011.

This makes these styles unique in the marketplace.

The footwear is ideal for anyone working around live electrics including:

Rail Workers, Linesman, Jointers, Electricians, Hybrid/Electric Car Manufacturers, Electric Car Chargepoint Installers.