31 Jul2018

Industry leading manufacturer of Safety Footwear Rock Fall UK are seeing 2018 growth of around 15% this year to date. This is in no small part a result of continuing to diversify their product offering, which is sold exclusively via authorised distribution partners around the globe.

Focusing on export has been a key driver for this growth with significant wins outside of Europe.

However, reflecting on the success of the business, Richard Noon said:

We’ve managed to take a huge market share in the industry by being pro-active and taking measured risk to develop new specialist styles for various industries. However, we’ve learnt that significant wins can be had by looking at what’s already in the building! Our womens range is now over 10 years old and has been revamped several times through the years. Designed with women in mind and carefully constructed on a womens footwear last, or shoe mould, this range is widely specified by the likes of Kier, B&Q, Bam Nuttall and Rolls Royce.

A lot of the industry is surprised to find the Rock Fall womens range, despite it being in the industry for such a long time. Horror stories of young women on site having to wear 2 or 3 pairs of socks are still prevalent today.

The Rock Fall womens range has been thrust into the public eye given the recent government led initiatives to attract women into the construction and engineering sectors. The senior management team at Rock Fall have ambitious plans for the offering, with significant development planned in the next 12 months.

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