Footwear is just the start of the story

We recognise that footwear can’t be one size fits all. Often when talking to our distributors we talk about what happens when you give an employee a polo shirt that’s too big, most will tuck it in, but when you give someone a pair of shoes that are too small, they normally find their way back fairly quickly!

Our service offering includes:

  • A full suite of services delivered by Activ-Step® for wearers, this ranges from sizing days and footwear audits to foot-scanning and custom footwear adaptations.
  • Our services including range selection, product training, joint visits, tender support, exclusive brand and more.

Activ-Step® 3Feet Footscanning | Our Wellbeing Program

Activ-Step® focus is squarely on improving foot health for wearers aiming to reduce their discomfort. Foot pains are often the unreported LTI (lost time incidents) for employers. Find out more about the available services.

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Our Services

Safety Footwear is often a very important secondary product line, so our aim is to be the go-to supplier for Safety Equipment Distributors looking for a single source solution for footwear.

Alongside our products which you can find here we offer a range of services.

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Footwear Customisation and Adaptations

Everyone has different feet, some people even have significant differences between their own feet so we have developed this suite of services to help those that suffer from chronic foot problems.

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