Have you been unable to find safety footwear that fits? Had an accident or long term foot problem? Time to have it your way.

We have several options for customers and really encourage anyone to enquire about what is possible. We feel strongly that nobody should suffer in silence when it comes to their feet.

Wearers can feel incredibly isolated and we’ve heard many stories about people going home, unable to stand up and having to take several types of over the counter and prescription medicines.

Everyone has different feet, some people even have significant differences between their own feet so we have developed this suite of services to help those that suffer from chronic foot problems.

So where do we start? The best place to start is our foot assessment.

Our foot assessments last around one hour and take place in Newcastle. With the office located in immediate proximity to National Rail services.

Our qualified podiatrists will assess the wearers needs in a relaxed session taking them through all aspects of foot health and foot care. During this assessment we will undertake:

A thorough check of the persons feet.

  1. Full measurements will be taken of foot width, length and volume
  2. A brief, slow 5-10 minute walk on a treadmill
  3. Pressure point analysis
  4. Foot arch profiling with foam impression box

Following this session a report will be provided on the recommendation for the wearer.

What can happen next?

  1. Fully bespoke safety footwear – rated to SB P
  2. A variety of customisation, adaptations and adjustments
  3. Customised orthotics

Who conducts our foot assessments?

Our foot assessments are conducted by HCPC (health and care professions council) registered podiatrists utilising the latest equipment and minimum care standards.

Find out more about the HCPC at hcpc-uk.org

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