Bridgeport - PM4040

Sizes: UK 3-15 - Size guide
Height: 3 Inches
Shoe weight: 613g
EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC

Product description

The PM4040 Bridgeport is a wide fitting lightweight all-purpose safety trainer.

It has a 100% non metallic construction and features a roomy, fibreglass toecap and composite midsole which allows the foot the flex and move freely.

Bridgeport is widely specified on contracts due the vast, UK 3-15 size range and uniform styling enabling it to be ‘the one for everyone’.

The outsole complex is a dual density PU outsole which gives abrasion resistance whilst providing exceptional shock absorption and weight reduction.

All day comfort comes from a lightweight EVA comfort footbed.

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Protective Toecap

Protective Midsole

Water Repellent Upper

Oil Resistant

SRC Slip Rated

100% Non-Metallic Construction

Ladder Grip

Small Sizes Available 2+

Large Sizes Available 14+

Wide Fitting


Airports, Logistics and Freight