29 Mar2017

Article originally appeared in Derby Telegraph 29th March 2017.

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The world wants UK Export, no really, it does.

It’s fair to say that the EU referendum brought about change and uncertainty that no one was prepared for.  However, when you start down a road you’ve never been before; you’re bound to see something you’ve not seen before, aren’t you?

At Rock Fall, Our Directors have a vision to develop the most technical, durable and best fitting Safety Footwear available in the world. With this dream Stephen Noon founded the business. This mission is now being carried forward by sons Richard and Matthew. Today, they produce styles to pro-actively improve health, safety and working conditions with responsibly sourced speciality components from around the world.

The UK government has some fantastic support networks locally, nationally and internationally. The East Midlands Chamber, D2N2, UKTI and British Embassies around the world are equipped with tools and contacts you need to sell your product or service overseas.

How do we know? Last year we doubled our export business, adding a number of countries from mainland Europe, to our impressive overseas portfolio. Rock Fall now export to Australia, Chile, France, Kenya, Malta, Mauritius, New Zealand, Nigeria, Qatar, Romania, Slovenia and UAE.

The UK can be proud of its commitment to health and safety, the rest of the world looks to us to set the standards for safe working practices and achieving zero harm. We’ve proved over the last few months that the UK still has vast export opportunities and we are excited for the future.

A lot of UK business owners we speak to tell us that they don’t think it’s worth the time to explore these opportunities. Below is a brief synopsis of our recent work with the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

Richard met Madalina Ciinaru, the trade adviser working for the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) and after long discussions and market research, decided to opt into an OMIS programme that the BRCC conduct.

Madalina oversaw her team put together a list of potential distributors in the Romanian market. Once this list was agreed, Andreea from the BRCC team contacted the list of companies and managed to arrange 7 high quality appointments with some of the most prestigious Romania distributors in our market.

Andreea also booked hotels and transport making the trip incredibly easy and straight forward. The team at the BRCC have been extremely supportive and attentive throughout the whole process, we are confident that over the next few weeks we will receive our first order from at least two of the major distributors that we visited.

We’ve worked incredibly hard in recent years to develop the most compact and feature filled range of Safety Footwear available, this range allows us to compete with the biggest manufacturers in the world.

We’ve expanded our footprint. Why don’t you start looking overseas to expand your business?

It would be fantastic for us to work together as a business community so if anyone would like to share ideas, please get in touch.