Working to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

In this section you will find all the things we have in place to excel in working to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

In the below sections you can find standards information and other accreditations plus details of our due diligence testing.

From the QA/Compliance section you can search for any of our styles and download the Specification Sheet, EU Declaration of Conformity and Test Certificate.

All Testing, Specification and EC Declaration Documents

This page provides a direct link to all testing, specification and EC Declaration Documents for all current mainline styles.

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QA/Compliance Information

Use our intuitive new basket download system to access specification, testing and declaration of conformity documents.

We also list notified body, test certificate number and expiry date on this page to give you complete clarity on certificate status.

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Standards Information

The European standards for safety footwear are ever evolving, key supplementary standards include ESD, Foundry, Chemical and Chainsaw.

In this section we have plainly listed all the markings we work to, as well as a brief overview of the test method and benefit.

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Due Dilligence

Rock Fall quality check every batch of every style prior to shipping for both anti-static and visual inspection.

We recognise our obligations to due diligence, it is our intention to be at the leading edge of product conformity, doing more than every other safety footwear manufacturer.

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Product Recall and Safety Notices

We’ve never had to use it, but Rock Fall have a comprehensive, full Product Recall process in place which we are glad to share publicly to reinforce our commitment to excellence in product conformity.

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