13 Jul2020

Your customers and their wearers still need safety footwear. We still need to be here for you. So, we are.

We’re put in place some carefully considered services which we can offer NOW.

We’ve got all the resources in place to conduct the below anywhere in the UK.

Below you’ll find all the details and the process, please get in touch now on 01773 608616 or email sales@rockfall.com to discuss further and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What's it look like?

Our 3m x 3m gazebo gives a great meeting space that can be used in all weathers, whilst enabling social distancing.

The queue position for wearers using the Activ-Step® Footscan service.

A side view of the area. Spacious with natural distancing.

We've got signage in place

Clear, concise, professional signage to ensure smooth running of any session regardless of time or number of wearers.

As the wearer approaches they are placed in a distanced queue.

Wearers are able to stand at the far edge of the table opposite the Rock Fall representative to discuss any questions they may have.

Wearers are reminded to wear a mask at all time as well as being asked to make use of the hand sanitiser that is available.

Further signage can be added on request.

Take a look around (please enable sound)



Distanced Footscanning


Range Display

Compact Offer

Queuing and measuring controls

Waiting in the queue

Wearer distancing

Clear communication

Appropriate PPE

Scan in progress

Quick and simple

Standing comfortably!

Scan complete

Keep it clean! (please enable sound)


In fair weather, with less time, we can also conduct range selection or product training meetings in remote locations with next to no setup time.

Our field sales team carry the whole Rock Fall range and have been equipped with COVID-19 related PPE and sanitisation equipment.

This new enforced method of working has caused us to think outside the box and we realised that we can host a meeting anywhere.

We’re happy to visit your site and bring any of the above resources to ensure a smooth and successful meeting that is compliant with the new distancing guidelines.

If you have any questions please get in touch using our live chat function for an immediate answer.