This page is regularly updated with reports of times when we asked ourselves, “Why Not” and what we did next.

“Why Not do all you can to protect your colleagues against unexpected live electrical risks?”

We already have a strong reputation for innovation so When Western Power Distribution approached us to develop a range of styles to protect them from the electrical risks that they face our conversation with them quickly led to the above question.

WPD were fully aware that these styles are designed as secondary protective equipment for use in addition to other electrical hazard protection equipment i.e. gloves.

As a result, we’ve pioneered the first Electrical Hazard footwear with an insulating sole unit (in accordance to ASTM F 2413-18) in Europe which is now widely specified in Industry.

"Why Not improve the fastening mechanism options in our range?"

In 2018, whilst developing the range of styles for WPD we looked at the current range and available fastening mechanisms.

We were already using non-wicking laces on waterproof styles (reducing the amount of laces broken down due to water ingress) and already working with YKK and using one of their most extreme zips often found on luggage for our side zips.

When we bring new developments to market we source components from all around the world and from various industries, so the above question led us to look to collaborate with Boa®, and their patented Boa® Fit System.

This system is guaranteed for the lifetime of the style it’s integrated to and solves the problem of trips caused by untied laces or ankle twists caused by undone zips.

Today, we have 7 different styles featuring Boa® for various industries including styles that are ESD rated, EH certified, fully waterproof and from lightweight to highly durable.

"Why Not test our membranes to offer protection significantly above the standard?"

The European Standard Test Method for Water Resistant – WR (Waterproof to me and you) is currently set at 80 minutes in a continuous flex test.

We know our boots are worn in heavy industrial environments like Construction, Utilities, Highways and Rail. In these environments wearers are often on their feet, outdoors for 8-10-12 hours a day, so we asked ourselves the above question.

This question led us to work with Sympatex® and use their recyclable Moisture-tech membrane (more on environmental here) as well as redeveloping our proprietary Activ-Tex® membrane.

We now test all styles featuring the Activ-Tex® membrane for a minimum of 8 hours in accordance with the European Test Method and all styles featuring the Sympatex® Moisture-tech membrane for a minimum of 100 hours.