Why Not

Our business starts with and always comes back to "Why Not"

In a world driven by chasing the next best version of something, think phones, cars, nutrition we have a simple phrase we use to challenge what we are doing. It’s our opinion that if you’re doing something the same as you were 6 months ago, there may be a better way,  retaining our status as an independent SME allows us to be agile, making swift but sustainable and carefully considered decisions.

Most of these decisions start with, Why Not?

In the pages that follow you will find our commitments and how we aim to drive positive change in the Health and Safety and specifically our safety equipment industry.

These are split into three key categories, Safety. Environmental and Equal Opportunities or “SEE”.

Why Not: Safety

This page focuses on Safety and Health, it is heavily geared towards our product development and is regularly updated with reports of times when we asked ourselves, “Why Not” and what we did next.

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Why Not: Environmental

This is the Why Not “Environmental” section

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Why Not: Equal Opportunities

This is the Why Not “Equal Opportunities” section

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