31 Aug2016

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Who are Activ-Step®?

Supreme Comfort Technology by Activ-Step®.

Step One: This provides ultimate anti-fatigue properties and comfort. Shock dissipates sideways for maximum benefit.

Step Two: This provides complete underfoot stability on uneven terrain and delivers enhanced protection.

Wearer controlled, flexibility depending on job role.


How does it work?

Rockfall Brochure - 28th JUNE 2016 IDP FILE.indd

Where can you find it?

The last word

The clue is in the name. The function is 'safety'. However, we work closely with a number of end-users that recognise the importance comfort. Their employees spend 8/10/12 hours a day in their footwear. Activ-Step, with their Dual Footbed System have developed a component which has unbelievable comfort features and properties. Matthew Noon Rock Fall UK

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