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Clay - RF470

Sizes: UK 3-15 - Size guide
Height: 8 Inches
Shoe weight: 935g
EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HI CI HRO WR SRC

Product description

The RF470 Clay is a best in class high leg waterproof safety boot. The lace up only design is unique and useful in cementation and related industries. It includes an Activ-Tex® Waterproof membrane that is breathable and tested for 8 hours.

It has a 100% non metallic construction, including a fibreglass toecap and composite midsole.

The outsole complex is a FORCE10® dual density PU nitrile rubber outsole which engineers unbelievable abrasion resistance whilst providing exceptional shock absorption and weight reduction.

Compliant customisation is offered by our unique Activ-Step® Dual Footbed System.

Option 1: ‘The Yellow One’ is manufactured using a PU compound like anti-fatigue matting designed for wearers that are standing on hard ground or walking for long periods of time.

Option 2: ‘The Other One’ is constructed using a dense form of EVA which is moulded with a deep cup, to provide increased arch support and ankle control designed for wearers working on uneven ground that need a higher level of ankle stability.

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Protective Toecap

Protective Midsole

Water Repellent Upper

Oil Resistant

SRC Slip Rated

Heat Resistant Outsole to 300°C

Fully Waterproof

100% Non-Metallic Construction

Ladder Grip

Small Sizes Available 2+

Large Sizes Available 14+

Wide Fitting

Cold Insulation

HI Resistant Outsole to 150°C




Airports, Logistics and Freight



Certification - CE Test Certificate
Certification No. - 2777/13724-02/E00-00
Expiry Date - 25/11/2024
Notified Body Name - SATRA
Notified Body Code - 2777
Last Amended Date - 24/04/2023
Certification - UKCA Test Certificate
Certification No. - AB0321/16473-01/E00-00
Expiry Date - 29/04/2026
Notified Body Name - SATRA
Notified Body Code - 0321
Last Amended Date - 24/04/2023