Activ-Step® Footscan System

The Activ-Step® Footscan System is versatile service solution for wearers.

  • Style Number: ASFSM
  • Size: One Size
  • Specification: UK, EU and US
Download Testing, Specification and EC Declaration Documents

Download Testing, Specification and EC Declaration Documents

What's inside?



Additional Information

Due to its sturdy construction the portable unit can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • Installation in a trade environment to offer a unique and modern retail experience.
  • Being taken to end user sites during sizing days.
  • Held at a strategic site to be used proactively in introduction or retention meetings.

How it works

The system aligns and scans your feet using an innovative self-service interface. The user can follow the onscreen prompts to measure their feet with the following steps:

  • Stepping on the machine and setting their gender.
  • Aligning their feet using the onscreen prompt and adjusting the alignment of their knees.
  • Standing still whilst the machine scans and provides readings.

Once the reading is complete, the system will display the users foot size in a UK, EU and US.

The unit will also provide a recommendation of which of the Activ-Step® 3Feet footbeds are most appropriate for the wearer.