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450ml Red Coffee Tumbler With Black Screw Top Lid - RFCUPRED

Sizes: 450ml - Size guide
18/8 Food grade stainless steel | Dishwasher Safe

Product description

This Rock Fall 450ml red metal coffee tumbler with black screw top lid is part of a family of products developed by Rock Fall to reduce post consumer plastic and paper waste.

The Hydration range has been produced to continue to grow the Rock Fall brand whilst reminding people the health and wellbeing benefits of good hydration habits.

'Our Hot Drinks Tumbler' keeps hot drinks warm and cold drinks cold for around 12 hours so is perfect for your trips, travels and long days on site.

Lightweight with ergonomic shape.



Product Disclaimer

PPE isn't the only thing that keeps you safe at work.

Just 2 hours without drinking fresh water is enough to blunt your concentration levels.