Activ-Step® 3Feet Work Footbed – High Arch

Activ-Step® 3Feet Work footbeds are designed to support common foot conditions which include: Plantar Fasciitis, Fatigue, Achilles tendonitis, Pronation/supination instabilities and Back and knee pain.

They have been specifically designed for industrial workplaces and include anti-static stitching and tape for product assurances purposes.

The footbeds are multi layered and built up to offer tailored arch support based on the wearers foot type.

  • Style Number: 3FW001H
  • Size: UK 2-13 (Whole Sizes)
  • Specification: Suitable for Requirements: Anti-Static, ESD, EH

Download Testing, Specification and EC Declaration Documents

What's inside?




Additional Information

This footbed is designed for wearers with high arches.