24 Aug2018

Every manufacturer and distributor in the safety equipment industry looks forward to September onwards. It’s a key time of the year when the cold weather and rain comes to the UK.

In recent years, Rock Fall has rationalised and diversified its product offering to provide our customers with the collection they need to grow their business.

Rock Fall has positioned itself at the forefront of the safety footwear industry through world first innovations that provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern businesses. We have a strong reputation in highly durable, non-metallic and fully waterproof footwear.

We’ve carefully planned our waterproof category, but what should go into it?

What are the different types of waterproof styles?

  • Mens and Women’s Boots
  • High Leg Boots (including Riggers)
  • Wellingtons

In these categories, like every product line you have good, better and best and a range of different price-points. It’s important to offer your customer a rationalised but diverse range to maximise the choice.

Waterproofing technology

Please visit https://www.rockfall.com/news/jargon-buster-waterproof/ to learn about the different types of waterproofing technology and the differences between the footwear markings in EN ISO 20345:2011.

Why no shoes?

For us, a fully waterproof shoe could be seen as a misnomer, in the environments were fully waterproof footwear is required, it is unlikely that a shoe would be high enough to prevent water entering the top of the footwear.

The Rock Fall range

  • 10 men’s, women’s and unisex boots
  • 7 men’s and unisex high leg boots
  • 4 wellingtons
  • Sizes from 3-15

Within this range we have a variety of specifications including Heat Resistant outsoles, Chainsaw protection, Electrical Hazard protection, Jet wash protection, Internal metatarsal protection, side zips, price points and the list goes on.

Why not get in touch with us and discuss your offering for 2018 further?

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