18 May2018

Shoe Aid, a registered Charity in England and Wales (no 1175254) has been working with Rock Fall for around the last 3 years.

The Shoe Aid Mission is:

“By working with key partners, we provide free footwear to children and adults in need so everyone in the UK has shoes.”

The Shoe Aid Vision is:

“To give the impoverished of the world greater quality of opportunity and dignity by providing them with free footwear.”

Rock Fall offers significant operational support to the Charity as well as making it the beneficiary to their Stepping Up Campaign, a scheme which sees us donate to Charity for every pair sold.

Our partnership with Shoe Aid is incredibly rewarding for all involved. We are delighted to be a key partner in enabling the work this Charity does. We believe that the Shoe Aid team can provide to the 250,000 homeless in the UK. This project lights a fire under us, for 4 million children in the UK to be in the wrong sized shoes in the 21st century is harrowing. Paul Wilson Marketing Manager

Boots on the ground

Whilst promises and rallying cries can be inspiring, it’s important to put boots on the ground.

Pictured: Over 200 donated pairs of unworn Rock Fall Safety Boots loaded for Shoe Aid projects.

Pictured: L to R, Adam Grice (Business Development Manager), Shantell Williams (Internal Sales Account Manager), Lee Todd (Founder of Shoe Aid)

Learn more about Shoe Aid at www.shoeaid.co.uk