The 2018 Beneficiary of the Stepping Up Campaign is Shoe Aid


Lee Todd, a veteran of over 27 years in the footwear industry, founded Shoe Aid in July 2010. Spurred on by the tragic Asian tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 and a near-death experience in his own life, Lee decided it was time to do some good in the world.

4 million children in the UK wear ill-fitting shoes, bringing a colossal bill to the NHS in coming years. Shoe Aid want to help reduce this by giving these children FREE shoes that fit.

Shoe Aid works closely with over a dozen homeless charities across the UK, donating tens of thousands of shoes to homeless people. Shoe Aid gives free shoes to EVERY homeless person in the UK through Homeless Charities & Hostels

Shoe Aid is working with Keep Britain Tidy & Eco Schools to educate children on the importance of recycling & reusing old, unwanted footwear. Having begun with a sample of 100 schools, we are now working with 17,800 eco schools across the UK.

Shoe Aid works with some of the country’s largest national companies helping to leverage their reputations with CSR campaigns.

This year, Shoe Aid was invited to 10 Downing St to discuss what we do; we have both the support of the Prime Minister and many MPs of all political parties.


  • 1.5 billion people around the world are without shoes.
  • 300 million children are without shoes
  • 70 million children can’t get educated because they need shoes as part of their school uniform.

Since July 2010, Shoe Aid and their partners have distributed over half a million shoes worldwide.


Our aims are to establish Shoe Aid across the UK in the next 12 months, into Europe within the next 36 months and become a Global charity within the next 5 years.

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