Stepping Up Campaign

We donate to Charity for every pair sold

To mark the 20th Anniversary of the Rock Fall business, we are launching our Stepping Up Campaign. The Stepping Up Campaign has been launched to unite the Safety Supply Chain to enable community, aid and sustainability projects.

In our first year we intend to:

  1. Establish as a scheme that is recognised in the industry.
  2. Launch a number of styles that will contribute towards the plan.
  3. Participate in a number of events throughout the year based on requests and existing relationships.
  4. Gain support and momentum for the scheme utilising our existing relationships.

This campaign will have a number of beneficiaries that will be decided year on year. Utilising the strength of our business we will aid the projects highlighted to us in making a step forward.

Stepping Up Campaign

2017 marks our 20th year. It kicks off the start of a range of products that will build over time to support worthy causes. See the growing range of products that we donate to Charity for every pair sold.

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To mark the start of this campaign will we be supporting a Charity that is close to our hearts. Shoe Aid is the beneficiary to the Stepping Up Campaign from it’s launch to the end of 2018.

Shoe Aid is a UK based charity that works with local, regional and multi-national groups, brands and businesses to collect shoes of all types and conditions. Shoes are paired, sized, graded and redistributed to worthy causes and aid projects primarily in the UK but also overseas.

Learn more on the following page:

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