23 Sep

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Who are FORCE10®?

Advanced Durability scuff caps for harshest environments.

Compound increases corrosion resistance.

Tested to 50K+ revs in abrasion test.

Developed both cemented and stitches construction methods.

How does it work?

Rockfall Brochure - 28th JUNE 2016 IDP FILE.indd

Where can you find it? Cemented scuff cap

RF4500 Titanium

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TC3000 Rhyolite

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Also features IMPACT SHIELD Interal Met Guard

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Where can you find it? Stitched scuff cap

Also features Dual Footbed System

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The last word

One of the main reasons to need to replace a Safety Boot is the protective toecap wearing through. We work closely with a number of end-users that recognise this and take steps to prevent it. FORCE10 have developed a component which has been tested to unbelievable levels and is made for the harshest environments. Matthew Noon Rock Fall UK

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